Guys, I made a new friend today, and omg, she is so precious. I absolutely adore her!

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I hope everyone who’s celebrating Eid today is having a good day and that everyone who’s celebrating tomorrow is having a good last fast! What the hell, even if you’re not Muslim, enjoy yourself. You’re amazing, and don’t let anyone make you feel any different.

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what is happy eid mubarakΒ 

I have read this in so many places today, and I just, it’s like saying “chai tea” *sigh*

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How come the chicks all reblog eachothrrs selfies nd stuff bit nunaa the bros every reblog my pics..smh

Lol holy-m0ly yes, u dun need to ask my day one tumblrer 😭😭😭

Ayy homeboy, don’t worry, your pretty face is up there with all the pretty faces I’ve seen today (also, hope you’re having a great day!)

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holy-m0ly hehe patience my love, I will get ready again in about an hour or so, I shall tag you :)

You, queenfoisback and hoodjab are really keeping me waiting today. (I forget that your day has just begun) (I sorry)
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